Marella Discovery

In a comprehensive refurbishment project aboard the Marella Discovery cruise ship, SeaKing undertook a transformative initiative in the ship’s ‘Live Room.’ A custom-built bar featuring a bespoke acoustic ‘floating’ deck was crafted, accompanied by sound-dampening measures to mitigate noise impact on cabins directly below. The upgrade included the installation of LED lighting, incorporating a programmable system for dimming and colour customisation, catering to the dynamic requirements of onboard entertainers.

Marella Discovery

Summary of Works

  • Custom Acoustic Deck Integration 
  • Programmable LED Lighting System 
  • Multi-Area Refurbishment 

Key Upgrades

Custom-Built Acoustic Bar:

  • Designed and constructed a specialised bar with a unique acoustic ‘floating’ deck to enhance the overall auditory experience in the ‘Live Room.’
  • Implemented sound-dampening solutions to minimise noise levels, ensuring a comfortable environment for cabins situated beneath.

LED Lighting Overhaul:

  • Installed advanced LED lighting systems to improve energy efficiency and overall illumination.
  • Introduced a programmable lighting system, enabling dynamic adjustments for dimming and colour changes to meet the diverse needs of onboard entertainers.

Comprehensive Area Transformations:

  • Executed refurbishments in multiple areas, including 915 cabins and suites, the 4747° Restaurant, Venue Bar, Photography Studios, Gaming Room, Bar Eleven, and various landings and lobbies on Decks 9 and 10.
  • Ensured a cohesive and synchronised approach to the upgrade, harmonising the aesthetics and functionality of the refurbished spaces.

The Marella Discovery Cruise Ship project displays SeaKing’s expertise in creating tailored solutions for acoustic and lighting challenges in dynamic maritime environments. The successful execution of this multifaceted refurbishment contributes to an elevated onboard experience for passengers and entertainers alike.

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