Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

In 2013, SeaKing Group was pivotal in the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm, a collaborative effort involving SCIRA (Statoil/Equinor Statkraft). The scope of work primarily focused on comprehensive onshore infrastructure installation for Vissim AS, Norway. This encompassed critical elements such as the Marine Coordination Centre and relocating the project’s headquarters to Wind Farm Place, Egmere, Wells next to the Sea, Norfolk, UK.

Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm

Summary of Works

  • Marine Coordination Centre (MCC) Installation 
  • Communication Mast Infrastructure Enhancement 
  • Headquarters Relocation and System Functional Testing 

Project Overview

Key Installations and Upgrades:

Marine Coordination Centre (MCC), Phase 3

SeaKing Group installed the Marine Coordination Centre, Phase 3, a crucial component for STATOIL (Equinor)/STATKRAFT, SCIRA Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind. The MCC is a central hub for coordinating offshore activities, emphasising safety and efficiency.

Communication Mast Infrastructure

The project included installing cabling in a 24-meter Communication Mast enhancing communication and data transfer capabilities. This infrastructure is essential for seamless coordination and control of offshore operations.

New HQ at Wind Farm Place:

SeaKing Group facilitated the relocation of the project’s headquarters to Wind Farm Place. This involved mast tower cabling and rigorous system functional tests to ensure the readiness of the operational hub.

System Equipment Cabin and Instrument System Rack:

Deployment and installation of the System Equipment Cabin adjacent to the mast were executed. Additionally, the Instrument System Rack assembly and testing at SeaKing Group’s premises highlighted technical expertise.

Technical Excellence and Collaboration:

The success of the Sheringham Shoal project was rooted in the technical excellence and collaborative approach of SeaKing Group. The intricate deployment of communication infrastructure, coordination centres, and system components demonstrated the company’s expertise in handling complex offshore renewable energy systems.

Operational Impact:

SeaKing Group’s contributions to the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm have impacted the operational efficiency and coordination of offshore activities. The project’s legacy extends beyond infrastructure installation, contributing to advancing renewable energy initiatives in the offshore domain.

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