Stone Marine Services – Svitzer Tugs

Stone Marine Services, a leading marine service provider, initiated a comprehensive mid-life maintenance and upgrade program for Svitzer Tug’s Schottel Propulsion and Steering Systems. SeaKing, recognised for our expertise in marine electrical engineering, was enlisted as the electrical subcontractor for this project. The program targeted four vessels, each undergoing a series of disconnections, verifications, and installations to enhance their propulsion control systems.

Stone Marine Services – Svitzer Tugs

Summary of Works

  • Propulsion Control System Upgrade Strategy
  • Precision Installation of Schottel Control Components

Project Overview

Scope of Work:

The project commenced with the disconnection of the old control system and a detailed verification process to assess the quality of existing cables. Stone Marine Services and SeaKing collaborated to design a strategic plan for reusing old cables and incorporating new ones as needed. The subsequent phase involved the installation of new cables according to the Schottel Propulsion and Stone Marine Services specifications.

The installation included fitting new Schottel Control System panels, enclosures, and control boxes. This intricate process required reconnecting all existing cables and seamlessly integrating the new ones. The final stages involved system testing and commissioning, ensuring optimal functionality and adherence to high-quality standards.

Collaboration and Acceptance:

Stone Marine Services invited SeaKing to participate in a site survey, leading to the selection of SeaKing as the electrical subcontractor for this significant project. The collaboration aimed to upgrade the Schottel Propulsion Control System across four vessels, with the entire timeline spanning approximately one year.

Project Progress:

According to Lars Solberg, SeaKing’s Project Lead, the successful completion of one vessel marked a significant milestone. The second vessel is currently underway, demonstrating the efficiency and capabilities of SeaKing in handling complex mid-life maintenance and upgrade tasks for sophisticated propulsion and steering systems.


SeaKing’s involvement in Stone Marine Services’ Schottel Propulsion Control System upgrade program reflects a successful partnership in advancing maritime technology. Completing one vessel and the ongoing progress of the second vessel underscore SeaKing’s commitment to excellence in marine electrical engineering. This project exemplifies the seamless integration of expertise from Stone Marine Services and SeaKing in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of Svitzer Tug’s crucial propulsion and steering systems.

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