Lockheed Martin

SeaKing collaborated with Lockheed Martin to complete an essential project involving radar upgrades for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels. This joint venture aimed to enhance the radar capabilities of these vessels, contributing to their operational efficiency and security.

Lockheed Martin

Summary of Works

  • Strategic Collaboration for Radar Enhancement
  • Advanced Radar Systems Integration
  • Navigating Technical Challenges for Optimal Solutions

Project Overview

Client Profile:

Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace and defense company, is renowned for its advanced technological solutions. Their expertise in radar systems aligns with SeaKing’s commitment to delivering high-quality electrical engineering services within the maritime domain.

Radar Upgrades for RFA Vessels:

The project focused on installing advanced radar upgrades for the RFA vessels. Lockheed Martin’s technological expertise, coupled with SeaKing’s proficiency in maritime electrical engineering, ensured a comprehensive approach to enhance the radar capabilities of these vessels.

Challenges and Solutions:

As with any complex maritime upgrade, challenges were encountered and effectively addressed. SeaKing’s engineers, working closely with Lockheed Martin, navigated technical intricacies to ensure that the radar upgrades met the stringent standards of both organisations. Challenges related to integration, compatibility, and vessel-specific requirements were systematically resolved.


The Lockheed Martin-SeaKing collaboration on radar upgrades for RFA vessels is a testament to the effectiveness of combining advanced technology with precision engineering. The success of this project underscores SeaKing’s position as a reliable partner for complex maritime electrical engineering endeavours, contributing to the continued excellence of naval operations.

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