HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior

Summary of Works

  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Modern Integration
  • Historical Challenges Resolved
  • Heritage Preservation Engineering

Project Overview

SeaKing proudly undertook the essential maintenance and electrical restoration of HMS Warrior, the pride of Queen Victoria’s notorious Black Battle fleet. Trusted by the National Museum of the Royal Navy, the project aimed to revive the electrical systems of the world’s first iron-hulled, steam-powered, armoured warship.


Initiated in January 2023, the project encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of HMS Warrior’s electrical infrastructure. The SeaKing team orchestrated a detailed rewiring process, installing new distribution boards, power systems, and lighting. Modern enhancements included shoreside power and UPS, a state-of-the-art public address system, CCTV, data networks, fire detection systems, and escape signage. The intricate integration of these contemporary elements was executed with precision while preserving the vessel’s period fixtures.

Challenges and Solutions:

Given the historical significance of HMS Warrior, the restoration posed unique challenges. The team navigated restrictions on drilling new holes, preserving discarded material as artefacts, and concealing cables in public areas with minimal fixings. Working at height in the masts and pulling large cables over water presented additional complexities. The SeaKing team collaborated closely with the National Museum of the Royal Navy Conservation Team, ensuring that every repair adhered to safety standards without compromising the ship’s authenticity.

Preservation of Heritage:

The restoration project was not merely about upgrading electrical systems; it was a delicate project. SeaKing’s skilled workmanship and collaboration with museum conservators aimed to preserve HMS Warrior’s original character. By working together, the team ensured that the vessel retained its unique design while meeting contemporary safety requirements.

Completion and Impact:

Completed in April 2023, the project breathed new life into HMS Warrior, allowing it to reopen its doors to the public. The National Museum of the Royal Navy proudly welcomes visitors to experience the maritime history encapsulated within this iconic vessel. The successful restoration stands as a testament to SeaKing Electrical’s commitment to excellence in maritime engineering.

For more information on visiting HMS Warrior, please visit NMRN’s website.

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