Oceanic Pintail


Summary of Works

  • Electrical Systems Assessment and Readiness Survey
  • Integrated Planning for Electrical Modifications
  • Advanced Technology Adoption and System Modernisation
  • System Integration and Alarm Interface
  • Certification through Operational Demonstration to Lloyd’s

Project Overview

Engagement and Survey:

SeaKing, in collaboration with Naval Architects Houlder Ltd, undertook a comprehensive electrical upgrade for the Oceanic Pintail. The initial phase involved surveying the vessel’s 415v switchboard to assess its readiness to install five cutting-edge 400kw Caterpillar Generators equipped with C18 engines. Calculations for fault levels were conducted and submitted to class for approval, ensuring adherence to maritime standards.

Collaborative Planning:

Working closely with A&P Falmouth Shipyard’s project team, SeaKing orchestrated the removal of existing redundant cables, setting the stage for subsequent modifications to the switchboard. The objective was to integrate new circuit breakers, generator controls, and generator repeater panels.

Upgrades and Modernisation:

An essential part of the upgrade involved transitioning from the outdated Merlin Gerin Selpact range to state-of-the-art Schneider Masterpact units with Micrologic 5.0P controllers. This upgrade aligned the Oceanic Pintail with contemporary technology and enhanced operational efficiency and safety. The installation encompassed new generator starting batteries, a generator control panel, and upgraded power supplies.

System Integration and Alarm Interface:

SeaKing, in collaboration with A&P Falmouth, ensured the smooth integration of the new generator control panels into the ship’s alarm system. This intricate process required a detailed understanding of the vessel’s existing systems and the newly installed components. The successful interfacing added a layer of sophistication to the ship’s monitoring capabilities.

Operational Demonstration and Certification:

The project’s completion involved thoroughly demonstrating generator operations and shutdown alarms to Lloyd’s. This final phase provided certification that the upgraded electrical systems on the Oceanic Pintail met the stringent requirements of maritime regulatory bodies.

Outcome and Impact:

The vessel is now equipped with modern generators and controls, ensuring enhanced reliability, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards. This project illustrates SeaKing’s proficiency in delivering complex maritime electrical upgrades in collaboration with industry partners.

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